GTA Online: Split Between New and Veteran Players Is Getting Ugly

July 2, 2020

GTA is probably the oldest and most famous online gameavailable. Yet, GTA Online can hardly be said as a generous place forbeginners, and unfortunately, the gap between new players and experienced onesdoes not seem to be getting shorter and is increasing day by day. Because ofits popularity and the gaming experience it gives, GTA Online is stillconstantly receiving the entry of new players in large numbers. The most recentincident was when Epic Games gave Grand Theft Auto 5 away for free and a numberof new players barraged the game’s servers.

GTA Online is an extremely famous game, but it seems to alwaysloiter in the areas of disaster. However, Rockstar Games has always tried anddid keep the game constantly revamped with new and interesting content. However, while on one hand, it made fans happy but on the other hand, it canalso bring up problems. Recalling the latest incident, when a casino was addedto the game, some players shortly devised a way to steal the casino, capturingall the in-game money with the help of some exploit, and in the end, Rockstarhad to respond by emptying their accounts. Therefore, hacking, cheating andstealing are the most constant concerns GTA Online has to deal with. Not toforget, many times glitches in the game created great damage, like the renownedglitch of a flying car that occurred in GTA Online.

Many times, it is not the hackers or glitches that wrecks thegaming experience of GTA Online, but it is the rivalry between the players thatcreates the conflict. Alongside, GTA Online gives a lot of opportunities to theplayers to go to war with one another. While this can truly be one of the mostenjoyable parts of the game, it can be extremely hard on players who are quitenew in the game and still discovering the technicalities. According to thereport of Polygon, the increasing void between old and new players is makingthe game outrageous for those who are just getting into the game. A number ofplayers shared with the site about their experiences of being continuouslyhunted down and killed by the experienced players as being new, they don'tstand a chance of defeating them.

GTA Online is a game of skill and expertise and any skill-basedmultiplayer game gives an advantage to players who’ve been a part of the gamefor a longer time. Also, in GTA Online the extensively powerful weapons andwagons can only be acquired with in-game currency that takes weeks of playing,so obviously, newbies can find themselves completely defenseless in their fightagainst the maestros as they would have no safe house or any powerful weapons.That is why in GTA Online, newbies are left with no other option except runningaway or hiding.

The worst part is that for newcomers, RockstarGames does not show any interest in rebalancing the GTA Online economy. Ratherthan helping, it often gives out free cash and launches new costly gadgets, andgives no chances to the players to even the scores. The only option left withthe new players is to try climbing the stages as much as possible and wish thatthe GTA 6 will pay heed to their concerns.

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