Decoding the Meaning of Common Snapchat Icons

July 28, 2020

Snapchat is one of the most popular apps on social media with more than 229 million users all over the world. This photo and video sharing app has plenty of icons in different colors and variations that convey different meanings, which can be confusing at times.In this article, we are going to explain what these frequently appearing icons mean on Snapchat and how you can avoid misinterpreting them.

 Snapchat icons might look similar to each other with the same shapes and different colors or sometimes different shapes and the same colors. Snapchat itself has provided its users with a guide of these symbols, but we have got these easier for you to make you understand your chats and Snap-streaks better. 

Chat Icons

 First of all, there are chat icons on Snapchat which look almost the same but follow a certain color coding so that a user can differentiate between them. If you are a new user on Snapchat or a confused old one, to understand your chats in a better way, you can understand the pattern below:

1.     The purple icon in your inbox notifies you about Snaps containing audio.

2.     The red icon in your inbox notifies about Snaps without audio. 

3.     If the icon is light bluish hue, it means there is a chat message instead of a Snap. 

4.     Grey icon tells you about the Snaps which are pending or have already expired. This applies to Snaps or Chat sent to those users who have not yet accepted your friend request. 

Arrows and Squares

You will also find many arrows and squares on Snapchat which are usually associated with sent messages and received while chatting to someone. Here, we have explained to you the meaning of those arrows and squares.

1.     Filled arrows indicates sent item to your friend.

2.     Empty arrows with only outlines indicate that your friend has received the message and opened. 

3.     Received messages appear as the square in different colors, and the color of the square is determined by the nature of the message. 

4.     Empty squares outline indicates that the message or snap has been opened.

5.     If you find two arrows overlapping each other, it means that a screenshot of your chat has been taken. 

6.     A looping circular arrow appears when your chats are replayed. 

Other Icons

There are also a few other icons that are useful for any user. These are:

1.     If you see a darkened rectangle on the sender or receiver’s message in your chat, it means, that a specific message has been saved to keep longer than 24 hours.

2.     A yellow heart icon means that you are best friends with each other and sending most snaps to each other.

3.     A red heart means that you have been best friends with each other for straight two weeks.

4.     If you see two pink hearts on your chat screen with any of your friends, it means that you havebeen best friends with each other for two months.

5.     A cake might also appear in front of your friend’s username on the chat screen which means your friend has their birthday on that day. 


These are the popular and important icons on Snapchat which we have simplified for you. Understand your chats better with these icons and keep snapping.

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